3 Ways To Find A Friend On Facebook


For most of the people, facebook is one of the best things that have ever happened to human being. Facebook has come up with the best solution of boredom and a life that is too monotonous. Though, mark zuckerberg has made sure that people do not have to face any kind of difficulty regarding any feature of facebook, yet there are many people who do not know how to perform even the simplest tasks while using facebook. They do not know how to upload their profile picture, how to edit personal information and even how to find a friend on facebook.


The steps:

Open the Facebook tab and log into your account. When you reach the home page of your facebook account, you will see a bar saying”find friends” on the top left corner of the page. Click on it and write down the name of the friend you want to find out. Make sure that you double check the spellings. Facebook will then provide you a list of people having their profiles on facebook with similar names. If you find your friend’s account, click on it. However, if you do not recognize any of the mentioned accounts, click on “show all results”. Facebook will then lead you to another page in which a long list of all the people having accounts on facebook with similar name will be shown. You can find a friend on facebook through his personal information or the display picture.

Other ways:

You can also find your friend through other methods such as:

  • If you know the actual mailing address of your friend, all you need to do is to type it on the search bar and you will find him instantly.
  • Importing the yahoo contacts on facebook also helps you finding your friends on internet.
  • Click on the option “find friends” and invite them on facebook through using the “other options” tab. Find your friends through invitation method.