Instagram Statistics from John Sottile’s infographic

Instagram has one of the largest userbases in the digital realm. In this infographic from John Sottile, a Staten Island SEO consultant who’s also passionate about social media, the data shows you just how important keeping an active presence on the app is. 

With Instagram being the most popular social media app, it’s important to make sure that you have a business profile set up for your brand. Take a look at some of these statistics and see how users are actively taking action towards brand profiles daily.

Instagram Statistics from John Sottile’s

Instagram users are obsessed with the app. A large chunk of them are checking for new content multiple times per day. This means can reach different groups of people depending on the times you post. This could affect your engagement rate, and give you more opportunities to discover the best posting times for you.

Instagram has also rolled out new shopping features, making it easier than ever for your customers to shop directly from your feed. 

Users are willingly searching for products and services on the app. If you aren’t maintaining an active social media presence, how would you expect to capture any slice of the pie?

John Sottile’s

Don’t underestimate the power of video marketing. Brands are seeing more engagement on sponsored videos than they are with sponsored posts. Videos have the ability to capture and hold our attention more easily, making video marketing a powerful form of communicating with your audience.

Brands that are active on the app are viewed favorably by users. Since Instagram is one of the most relevant social networks, people expect to see their favorite brands using the app as well. If your brand isn’t using Instagram, people might think you’re no longer in business. 

With people willingly searching for products and services on Instagram, it’s an absolute no brainer to create a content marketing strategy that will build a community around your brand.

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