Benefits of Linkedin for Business

LinkedIn offers many benefits to business, and is today the most important professional social network in the world, in addition to having more than 500 million registered users.

This network contains companies and professionals of all kinds: customers, employees, partners and competitors.

However, there are still many professionals and business owners who still do not have a profile for their business within this platform.

Are you one of them?

If so, today, we bring you some reasons why your business should have a presence in this important social network.

1- LinkedIn expand your network of influence globally

By having a profile of companies on LinkedIn, you can maintain contact with clients that you already have in your portfolio and make yourself known regardless of geographical boundaries.

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Get new customers or allies through “People you could meet”, a space where people who have a link to your profile are recommended.

2- Create relevant connections and networking

Through LinkedIn, you can share information and participate in groups and conversations where you can interact with professionals in your sector or others of interest.

Remember that your business services may always be required, so make the most of your presence in the groups.

3- Get trained and specialized staff to work with you

Approximately half of the professionals in this network are looking for a job and are helped by this and other networks to promote their work activity.

The good thing about this route is that you do not need to invest in large sums of money to select a suitable profile and you can publish job offers easily.

4- Promote your products and services

You can promote your products and services by providing relevant content about your brand and also through advertising using LinkedIn Ads and Display.