How Organizations Will Use Social Media In The Future

Social media usage within organization is the new competition.

Using social media in the organization will be a key differentiator in the coming years. Organizations will start integrating social media into their businesses rather than being just a sponsor of new technology.

Information is available everywhere within the organization. Intellectual capital rests within the employees. Tacit knowledge is available within the minds of employees and explicit knowledge is always available openly in the organization procedures and processes. Converting the tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge, by providing the context to that information is one of the biggest challenges and key differentiator that organizations will face in the coming future.

As the demand for getting good content increases, so will be the demand for harnessing it and applying it immediately in work situations. Social media will help organizations to develop this unique skill and will be key differentiator for the rising competition.

Organizations which are yet to implement social media in their organizations will learn from the best practices in other organizations who have implemented social media successfully. Organizations will move from the social media exploring phases to fully adopted phases. In doing so, they will integrate not just their business processes but also other work communities in the social media space.


Tapping the power of diversity

We all know that the average age of the working population has been decreased. The millennial are taking over the workforce. Social media facilitates knowledge exchange between millennial and the older folk in a spirit of collaborative community.  This knowledge exchange and transfer happens in an informal network. Employees need a sense of collective identity. Social media can provide and facilitates that.  Social media can also facilitate connections among people when work is executed around the clock and across time zones.

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Organizations always face immense diversity issues among employees during an acquisition and merger transaction. Mistakes are expensive. Social media will aid both the organization in the engagement for a smooth transition.

Shelf life of knowledge

Knowledge will become scarce as more and more employees leave the organization. Capturing their knowledge is important. Through social media, organization will exactly aim to do that.  In the future, teams will hold the proprietary knowledge rather than individuals. There will be open innovation among organizations. The boundaries will blur and organizations will tap into each other expertise. Social media will be the channel through which such knowledge exchange happens.

Social media will redefine the landscape of the traditional organizations from closed self-contained systems to more open Eco-systems interdependent on each other.

Web 3.0

With the advent of Web 3.0 in the future, connections among social media users will be more context based. The present web 2.0 facilitated open connections and sharing multimedia content. The future would be moving towards ‘intelligent connections’ among users. Social media will analyze user profiles and their behavior and will prompt for matched user profiles.  Social media usage will become smarter in the days ahead.


Social media collaboration in the future within organizations will be a catalyst for organizational transformation for the better. With Open source software available, this will only develop and fuel the usage of social media within the organizations.