Diaper Story Madagascar

After several unconvincing jobs in United Kingdom, and a lot of hesitation, I finally decided to move with my husband on my homeland : Madagascar
Madagascar is an island located in the western Indian Ocean.
I came here in 2013 in the city of Toamasina which has almost 300 000 inhabitants
I am located to the northeast of the island
I always loved babies and childrens and I always knew that I wanted to work in this environment What’s why, I chose to open a nursery in 2014. The company quickly developed because from the first month I employed 5 people now, business works well but I need to import diapers for baby every 6 months that I take directly from a European wholesaler
The conveyance this done by boat under a container of 30 m^3 And arrives at the Sea port of Toamasina in Madagascar
I had an experience where the company which handles transiting my merchandise, it
never want to handle the potential responsibility, they want the quick money and handle the business by being in bad faith ; when the get the potential order, whatever this order where come from, they want to get the deposit and then say good bye. Moreover this company did not tell me the importance of the BSC !
Of their fault, I had problems with the authority of Madagascar as well as a non-negligible additional cost.
The CTN ( cargo tracking note) covers statistical requirements, identification, control of transport costs, security and traceability of trade and freight traffic to and from Madagascar and any African country.
Also it’s necessary to obtain this document called also BSC (bordereau de suivi des Cargaison)
I advise you to pay attention to which company you entrust your material And which issues you certificates
Therefore, during my last orders I called to another company that I found on the internet by typing Madagascar BSC what is http://getctn.com/
Firstly, the website is complete and clean. The information is well detailed.
After, from the first call, they helped me and put at ease by answering my questions, there were courteous and welcoming.
For once, my transition with a independent consulting firm went very well
They promise you a fast, secure, and economic service
Since then, I trust them in obtaining my certificate