Offshore Company Formation or International Business Company (IBC) Establishment

Offshore company formation or International Business Company (IBC) establishment is now a viable option for many new businesses. What at one time was a long drawn-out process has been prosperously expedited by the advent of the internet.  Many countries such as SeychellesBelizeAnguilla and others now use offshore company formation services as a way to supplement a once ailing economy and are considered the new heart of the modern offshore financial centers. These countries, sometimes dubbed “tax havens,” have legislation in effect that makes it fast, easy, discreet, and surprisingly economically feasible to set up a company in their jurisdiction.


Those who choose offshore company formation will benefit from favorable tax laws as well as unprecedented anonymity regarding company information. The use of IBCs has been specifically designed for non-residents of the country in which the offshore company is formed. The country where the new company is created is also usually located close to the geographic area where the business is mainly conducted (such as the use of Hong Kong for Asia Pacific markets). However the current business climate allows for the creation of companies who cater to no specific group or region, such as internet e-commerce. These companies are fantastically suited for offshore company formation as they are not beholden to any specific geographical region.

While it is relatively easy to form an offshore company, the experts at Financial Guardian are equipped to help you and your new business consistently make the best decisions as well as sail through the requisite paperwork.

Why go Offshore?

Why do businessmen choose to incorporate offshore companies?

The offshore world drives the global economy. After a decade of business activity and establishing thousands of companies and businesses for clients all over the world, we have pinned the main reasons that people decide to establish companies abroad:

  • E-commerce stores – websites that sell certain products or services have to operate in a certain way, meaning that they have to establish a formal legal entity as well as open bank accounts and organize payment systems. Incorporating a company will enable the business owner to manage his company in a functional and legal manner. Sending invoices to suppliers, receiving payments from clients and signing contracts can all be done via the corporate structure.
  • Real Estate – incorporating an offshore company in order to handle commercial real estate abroad. Property licensing is done via the company in order to gain from the tax benefits of the country in which the property was purchased, make the ongoing management of the property easier and will also mean transparency for investors in the property.
  • International companies that wish to expand their business and thus wish to plant branches through establishing additional international companies – the fastest and most efficient way of doing so is via an offshore company which drives globalization. Leading international companies like Google, Amazon and e-bay have incorporated tens of offshore companies in the last decade.
  • Investments and management of Trust funds – businessmen establish funds in which they pour all their business activity and liquid investments. A trust fund is a fund comprised of a variety of assets that are intended to provide benefits to either an individual or to an organization. The trust fund is established by a grantor in order to provide financial security to an individual.
  • Asset Protection – includes methods geared to protecting assets from liabilities that may arise elsewhere .

Raag Info-Tech has strong associations with long- experienced and established global advisers offering us the capability setting up off-shore registration for companies in various jurisdictions that are secure.

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