How to Do Private Limited Company Registration: A Simple and Objective Guide

There is basic step-by-step guide showing what you need to do for Private Limited company registration to open your business legally.

The first step to success in registering a company is certainly planning. There is a lot of bureaucracy involved: several documents are requested, various conditions are required. So just start the paperwork and prepare for a long journey:


  1. Choose the legal form of company to be adopted

Your entire bureaucratic path depends on what will be the legal constitution of your company. There are some models, such as the private company, whose bureaucracy is easy to increase formalization. On the other hand, there are corporations that require a substantially larger bureaucracy.

  1. The choice of company name

We put the choice of the company name in the first place, as we consider that an inappropriate name can bring obstacles for a relatively banal reason.

  1. Define your business activity

In order to elaborate the social contract, your company must indicate in which branches it will act, since the following regulation and taxation depend on the definition of this aspect.

  1. Establish the location

The location of the company is not only important to the success of your company, it is essential to get the record. In your county, there probably should be certain restrictions on business activity in some locations.

  1. The drafting of the social contract

These prior elements will all be essential when the social contract is drawn up. From the record of this instrument, your company will come to life.

6.Registration with the Board of Trade

This is the act that gives legal validity to the company. It equals the birth certificate of natural persons. The social contract must be printed on three copies of A4 paper.

Each member must initialize all pages except the signature page. This must contain the signature of all the members.