Webinar Jam Software: See The Benefits Of It In Employee Learning

The technologies available to integrate people and companies in different places have been progressively evolving in recent decades. As a result, every day, organizations gain new opportunities to prepare their employees for the challenges of the market without having to invest only in the training and experience of the candidate, important items that must adapt to the company culture.

Webinars, internet conferences where one person talks and the other ones attend and interact through chats are one of the solutions that have been bringing excellent results to some organizations as a way to teach courses and trainings. The feature brings several benefits to companies that can use it to their full potential.

Learn how webinar jam software can help your employees learn in your company:


Possibility of creating attractive content

Webinars also allow the company to develop and offer lighter and more dynamic courses and training without the use of static content, increasing the chances of retention of learning by the team.

Long-term availability

Webinars do not always have to be live, which allows people to access content and materials any time. This prevents the company from organizing and conducting periodic training and courses for a large number of people.

Convenience to employees

Another great benefit of webinar is that it fits better with people’s routine, with fast courses ranging from 60 to 90 minutes.

Accessibility everywhere

Registration and participation in a webinar are simple and agile processes, which can be done from any computer with an internet connection.

Speakers available

Many times, you want to bring experts to your corporate event. However, due to the schedule or other obstacles this is not possible. In this sense, a webinar is also very useful!

Excellent cost x benefit

Many courses and trainings organized by the companies involve costs with displacement, lodging and food, either of the team to be trained or of the professionals hired to conduct the activity.