Learn Tips for Successful e-Commerce Delivery

One of the key factors for e-commerce success is that its logistics be efficient. That is, having management control over the process of storing, packing, shipping and delivering the product to the customer on the agreed date. OnTime 360 is all-in-one Delivery Management Software for Couriers and Dispatchers.

The Delivery on time or even ahead of schedule can surprise customers and encourage loyalty.

Failure to meet the deadline generates consumer dissatisfaction, which may stop dropping other products to deliver, as well as criticize the company, including on social networks, negatively influencing potential buyers.

Here are some tips on how you can successfully manage and deliver the packets, remembering that investing in digital management software requires business efficient planning.


Although logistics is a universal concept, virtual retail has peculiarities involving suppliers, carriers, logistics operators and e-commerce itself. For example:

  • The delivery service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week;
  • It provides a set of product location and identification information, comments from other consumers, pricing and shipping information, and delivery time;
  • The operating cost is low;
  • The time cycle for product and service delivery is shorter;
  • Communication costs are lower and intermediaries are eliminated from the distribution channel;
  • Brand exposure time is increased.

Safe and successful delivery also concerns the state in which the product reaches its final destination. Fragile items need special care in packing and during transportation to prevent them from getting damaged.

The protection can be made with bubble wrap or any other reinforced packaging that protects against falling.

It is important to keep the customer informed about product movement. If any delay occurs, the company should inform the buyer of the reason for the delay and show interest in helping him.

Don’t promise fast deliveries if the logistics structure doesn’t allow it. Avoid customer dissatisfaction by setting a delivery date range.