Advantages of Using a Payment Gateway

Any online store, regardless of the industry, needs to offer customer the online payment processing via several payment methods. Of course, with a highly efficient security system for the protection of consumer information, they can make their purchases without worrying about electronic crimes. To meet such demand with stability, the best alternative for any company is certainly the payment gateway. Here’s what a payment gateway looks like and see all its advantages!

What is a payment gateway?

Gateways are nothing more than systems used by e-commerce (and physical stores!) to perform data transmission between shopkeepers, banks and customers. Gateways are used by companies for online payment processing like a credit card terminal that can be easily found in retail and commerce stores.

Using a payment gateway brings several benefits to any e-commerce, let’s check what are they?


  1. More complete connection

The gateway provides the benefit of simplifying the e-commerce connection directly with banks and carriers. This ensures more agility in transactions and more efficient communication. Both customers and shopkeepers earn from this payment system.

  1. Greater variety of integration and payment

The gateway provides the demand to have various forms of payments, with advantages such as buying with only one customer, recurring billing and reversal of payments. Other factors to take into account are: one-click purchase, integration with banks, operators and anti-fraud systems.

  1. Reduction of expenses

Did you know that the gateway decreases the time and expenses in the payment operation? This is because the system connects your e-commerce with the banks and operators, adapting to the processes of billing and checkout, which significantly facilitates the system of your online store.

  1. Security

The gateway system acts to protect store data, such as card-keeping for recurring billing processes and the flexibility to connect with store-chosen anti-fraud. Another great point to consider is that with the Payment Gateway the database is preserved, allowing merchants to negotiate with any operator transparently.