Tableau Online is now made available on the Amazon Web Services cloud

Tableau Software is making a big move into the public cloud. It has made its first step to give its fastest growing product, Tableau, a wider global recognition. It is expanding its subscription-based, hosted version of data visualization technology, i.e. Tableau Online, beyond data centers onto AWS (Amazon Web Services) for the very first time. This move largely enables growing customer demands of Tableau and expands it to more regions.


Tableau brings Complete Analytic Solution for your Enterprise by expanding into Amazon Web Services.  


Tableau formerly has partnered with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platform and successfully supported customers who are effectively migrating from on-premises technology to the cloud platform. But during a research, it was noticed that a huge number of these customers are migrating installations to AWS to store the underlying data used to create visualizations in Tableau. Among them, a public cloud platform like AWS is providing a fast-track expansion for Tableau. Tableau Online is up and running on AWS. Hence, Tableau has come to a conclusion that natural fit is to put the SaaS-hosted product on that very platform which is mostly chosen by the customers.

Customers can now have wider access to leading analytics platform as a SaaS offering on AWS.

Tableau Online

Tableau Online is a cost-effective solution that enables people to connect, blend, and analyze data from both on-premises, cloud databases and data stored in spreadsheets. It is a fully managed platform for SaaS cloud analytics that deals with complete data analytics in the enterprise and enables corporations to deploy this analytics at a speed rate without any necessity for infrastructure management.  

It’s Expansion

Tableau empowers and conducts exploration of data anywhere and in any shape in order to enhance the return on enterprise’s data. This data can be shared directly individually or in a team to the whole organization. Building analytics ecosystem in the cloud with Tableau on AWS delivers security and scale of traditional BI, with accessibility, flexibility, and speed to run the business efficiently.

Tableau Online expansion to AWS is expected to scale the product to wider geography and aid users to run their analytics at the very point where the data resides. Tableau now can enjoy the benefits such as reliability, scalability, and flexibility of the AWS Cloud. Customer momentum has been tremendous with both Tableau and AWS.

Together, Tableau and AWS create a powerful platform for cloud analytics. Every step of analytics journey viz. data collection, transformation, data analysis, storage is performed at an enterprise scale. Using Tableau, Amazon database is connected with just a few clicks and data is analyzed immediately.

On the other hand, Tableau Server on AWS empowers enterprises with live, interactive and mobile-friendly dashboards without any need to administer own servers.

Final Words…

With this decision, both Business Intelligence and Data Analytics are forming a huge market segment with space for multiple players. No decision has still made it clear if Tableau Online would entirely shift to AWS. It all depends on the situation and based on the requirements of its users.