Tencent Games Unveils its all-new Common R&D and Operation System (CROS) at GDC 2019

Tencent Games, the world’s leading game developer and publisher, has announced its one-of-a-kind Common R&D Operation System (CROS) at GDC in San Francisco on March 22, 2019. The company in its first ever keynote session highlighted innovative technological solutions of its CROS, emphasizing on how CROS products will go a long way toward taking the gaming industry to the next level.

The company also presented a case study of PUBG Mobile in its session at the conference. How did the system help PUBG MOBILE become world’s one of the best gaming titles was the main highlight of their discussion. The case study provides information about their CROS products including Intelligent Network Optimization (INO), WeTest, MTP and G6.

Developed and marketed by Tencent Games, the Common R&D Operation System provides developers with advanced technological power and R&D so they can develop more fascinating and thrilling gaming titles. Tencent Games’ integrated solutions and continuous support and development will surely help improve the future of mobile eSports.

All the CROS Partners including Garena, Supercell, MiniClip and Epic Games are very committed to collaborating with Tencent Games CROS to produce high-quality mobile games. Tencent’s unique solutions make it easier for their partners to create something awesome to stand apart from the rest.

About Tencent Games

Tencent Games CROS is a very popular game developing, operating and publishing platform designed especially for game developers wanting to create more interactive gaming titles. PUBG MOBILE, League of Legends and Arena of Valor are the biggest blockbusters of Tencent Games.

The team at Tencent Games is very dedicated to taking the global game industry to the next level. They’ve special association with the world’s leading game companies, including Supercell, Garena and Netmarble.