California Live Scan and Los Angeles live scan is an inkless, electronic capture fingerprints in a digitized format and then transfer them to the Illinois State Police and / or the FBI. Previously, the fingerprinted by applying the ink for each finger so that each roller finger on a fingerprint card. This method was inherently messy and tends to catch the poor picture quality. By treating fingerprints electronically, the criminal history answers given within a matter of hours if received electronically or 3 -5 days if received by mail.

The fingerprint is then searched against the state of Illinois criminal history database and / or the criminal database FBI (if applicable).

Live Scan in California and live scan in Los Angeles provides fingerprint technician with the ability to recapture a print several times to ensure that they capture the best possible image quality.

Why live scan is reliable?

Background screening platforms usernames to conduct background checks are not credible. They control only with names or other information like social security number. With names, people have similar names, change their names, adopt a new identity or steal someone else’s.

You want the background check to be reliable, and you cannot do it by just checking names or personal informal your candidates. You need live scan. Live scan is a background check using biometrics (fingerprint). This is a system that digitally captures the fingerprint. Fingerprint leaves no room for error or mistakes. People can fake their name, adopt new identities, but they cannot escape the uniqueness of their fingerprints.

The best thing about living scanning is that the fingerprint images taken crossed to the official fingerprint criminal databases (DOJ, FBI, or both). This ensures that the results are correct. California’s Department of Justice, also known as the Justice Department has records from police, criminal record, etc. They have a large database of criminal activity in California.

Live scan locations in California

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Live SCAN locations in Los Angeles

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