Make Your Next Event a Big Hit with These Branding Ideas

When you are starting a new fashion business, it is essential that you make it stand out from the crowd. The best way to do that is by hosting an event which visually demonstrates your brand’s unique style and personality.

Don’t try to copy another brand’s designs or ideas. Be original.

Your brand needs to have a style and personality that no other brand has. This is how you will get your guests to remember it. As a result, your brand will attract leads and customers.

Below is a list of 7 branding ideas to try out at your next big event. If implemented correctly, your fashion business and brand name should be on everyone’s mind by the time the event is over.

1. Create Your Brand Identity

There are several elements of your brand which define its identity. The main elements are logos, images, colours, fonts, persona, values, and tone.

You need to display these elements at your event and on all the advertisements and promotional material for the event. Your brand should then be instantly recognisable and associated with your fashion business.

It may be you lack the creative juices to compile an eye-catching visual design. This is where a professional exhibition or event team could be of great assistance in event planning and helping with the visual design. Do not be afraid to ask for help, you need to get this right,

2. Merchandising

Merchandising is a great way to not only get free advertising for your brand but to also make money from the advertising as well. At your event, try selling various products which have your brand name and logo on it.

These products could be things like cups, pins, stationery, shirts, and so on. Then when people use these products outside of the event, they’ll always be reminded of your company. In addition, anyone else who sees these products will learn about your company too.

3. Establish a Social Media Presence

There are over one billion people in the world using social media websites like Facebook. You need to capture the attention of these people by establishing your brand on all the major social media platforms.

This is the best way to get word-of-mouth advertising and increased popularity. People who would’ve never learned about your brand before will finally learn about it. The best part is that it is free to do this as people share your page.

To help manage the process, make use of event planning and proposal templates that can be accessed online and allow for team collaboration and task management.

4. Name & Tagline

Think of a clever name and tagline for your event. Don’t use names that are overly generic, such as Winter Christmas Party or holiday event.

Instead, go with a catchy name like “The Big Green Festival” that people will remember. As for the tagline, it needs to quickly define the values and/or mission of your brand in just a few words.

5. Posters, Video & Flyers

Printing flyers and posters may seem like an old-fashioned advertising method, but it is still effective for attracting people to your event and gaining new leads.

Just be sure to use the same colours, typography, and tone on your posters and flyers that you use everywhere else for your brand. Remember, brand consistency is the key.

Make good use of video where possible. If the budget allows for it, incorporate some professional video production. Not only can it be shared across multiple platforms but it can also be used to loop your product or service endorsements during the event.

6. Rewards & Giveaways

Offer your event attendees some rewards and/or giveaways. For instance, you could offer loyalty discounts to your attendees where they can pay a cheaper ticket price at your next event.

You could also offer discounts on your products or services in exchange for their participation too.

7. Internet Live Cam

Take advantage of the internet the best way you can. Set up a live cam stream of your event on YouTube or Facebook. This gives people from any location the opportunity to attend your event without physically needing to be there.

Instead of having a few hundred people attend, you could have several thousands of people attending online. This can still earn you leads and customers just the same.