SEO Tips for Photographers


You surely need to apply SEO tricks to your photography website for rising organic searches. SEO will not only rank your website high in search engine result pages but it will also help you streamline your website’s brand for increased visibility. In this way, your site will definitely get linked with industry influencers.

Tips to Follow

Here are some tips you can apply to increase your website’s visibility over internet:

  • What all you need to do is using image keywords very carefully. You should add description for your image as detailed as possible. In this way, your long tailed keywords will be ranked in Google very easily. Using long-tail keywords is a good way to capture multiple keywords in the same process.
  • Your next step must be optimizing your images. You can plug keywords into captions same like you use them in pages. Title tags should also apply the same logic via descriptive keywords for your photos. Adding image descriptions for those photos is really an excellent way of increasing your site’s visibility. Moreover, it will increase relevance scores for photos with detailed long image descriptions.
  • Merging your blog with your website is another good idea you may not be thinking about. If you are having a platform to share photographs, it doesn’t mean you can only share photos on this source. You can merge it with your blog where you will be sharing rich and regular amount of content. Publishing different stuff of people’s interest will surely increase your website’s visibility.
  • You can do submission to image bookmarking sites. Big advantage is your photographs will be seen across the World Wide Web. A number of choices are available for you to move ahead.

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