Baidu SEO Tips in China – What You need to do Rank Higher

We all know china is the world’s largest country by population. They are far ahead in the tech world while having their country’s specific search engine. When it comes to rank your site in China’s largest search engine Baidu, you must have to apply some special techniques to rank your site for over half billion regular chines internet users.

Following are the general things you must consider for Baidu SEO Tips in China


Domain Name

In order to rank in Baidu you have a top level domain with .cn extension however, .com and .net are also preferable but .cn is easy to rank higher in SERPs.


It would be surprising for you that Baidu wants to host your site in china, because other search engines don’t care about it. However, choose other countries like Hong Kong to host your website if you are looking to rank in Baidu.

Physical Address

If you would have chines local contact details on your website Baidu prefers to rank your website. This doesn’t mean that you must have to set up an office in Beijing, Shanghai or any other Chines city.


This is one of the important Baidu SEO Tips in China that the chines government has very strict rules for online activities. The chines largest search engine index the websites as per the government policies if the site will not meet those policies the Baidu database will refuse to index your website.

ICP License

Distinctively China’s administration and in line with its restriction command, all websites must follow an Internet Content Publishing (ICP) license. It is not problematic to get but usually takes about a month to safe when documents will be submitted. If you will not have an ICP license, it will be difficult for you to rank your site higher.