What Products Do Printers Need to Create Offset Printing Projects?

Of all printing processes currently used in the field of printing, offset printing is probably the most popular. Indeed, it is a technique of choice for those who create print projects such as advertisements due to the rendering quality of the image it provides, its flexibility in the prints that it can produce and its cost advantages. However, a specialized press is not enough to make offset printing projects. You also need several products that can be obtained from a printing specialist and these products will be the topic of our latest article.


Obviously, ink is a critical component of all offset printing projects. Indeed, without it, how could we admire the extent of the colors on a printed document?

You should make sure to purchase high quality ink such as the ones made by Brancher and Skyey Lion, since lack of precision in color shades will have a major negative impact on a project. Imagine if Walmart’s royal blue became teal because of poor quality ink… That is why you must always use Pantone certified inks in your presses.

Press Rollers

The importance of press rollers is considerable, because they are the part that enable the smooth transfer of ink to the surface where the project is to be printed. It is recommended to use rubber press rolls designed specifically for the graphic arts to obtain the best possible result.


Printing Blankets

It is printing blankets that dictate offset printing’s accuracy. This part of the press is available in several models according to the specific needs of printers. Indeed, they can be found in models with or without holes, ”slotted” or with or without bar at a printing specialist.

Press Products

Press products also have an important role to play in the creation of offset printing projects, as they allow, among other things, to properly maintain the presses. It is imperative to do regular press maintenance, as a poorly maintained press will not deliver results up to the expectations of the printer and its customers.

This concludes this article on products printers need to perform offset printing projects. If you must buy one or more products that have been mentioned in this article soon, do not hesitate to contact a printing specialist in your area. It is with pleasure that their experts will listen to your needs in order to offer you the best products for you.