IRIS Business Suite: The Most Comprehensive Application Suite on the Market

For any business minded individual or marketer out there, having the right tools helps massively. Indeed, regardless of what you do for a living, you can find that having access to safe and sound digital tools for improving business performance can be a massive benefit.

One of the main tool selections out there that you should most definitely put time and effort into finding, though, is the IRIS Business Suite. Deserved as a comprehensive application selection that provides you with everything from content management to connectivity to others, the IRIS Business Suite is one of the finest packages out there that you can select from.

It comes with various tools that can be of a major benefit to you, offering extensive services that others will simply never try out.


So, what are some of the major online business applications included in IRIS Business Suite:

eComm. One of the finest forms of e-mail marketing out there, eComm is a must-have if you are serious about making a major dent in your marketing aims and ambitions. Not only is it a very effective tool for making personalized contacts and segmenting them into an easy to use format, it’s also extremely useful for making sure that you can promote commercial and personal messages to contacts. Professional templates are abundant within, each being used to help you easily plan and manage who you will message with what under a much more integrated solution than other options can provide.

VeMail. Similar to the above, this is a much-needed and excellent e-mail that you can make the most of. With video messaging embedded right into the e-mails of your friends, colleagues, and clients this makes a wonderful business tool. You can customize templates to create cool headings and to ensure that you have a design that looks smart and does your business justice. With this, you can easily provide much more integrated and enjoyable media to the people who you are talking with or trying to sell to. Either way, the solutions that it can provide are simply exceptional.

Academy. The IRIS Academy offers so many different options, not least the fact that this provides an easy way for learning English. With this, you can become a more fluent English speaker and improve your confidence and levels of comfort & control as expected. With ten themes provided to try and add some much-needed context to your learning, Academy is the perfect tool to learn and improve your form with. It’s a useful conversation tool, one that you can rely upon for a simple and easy learning path moving forward especially when you want to become more in-tune with the language.

WebCast. The webcast is a wonderfully diverse tool that allows for live presentation via streaming. Want to throw a seminar and everyone cannot attend? Then take it online and make sure people can watch from home, from the train, at work or wherever they are. You can easily share images, videos and talk in real-time with everyone who is there. Get feedback, speak about the topic at hand and make sure that everyone who is working with you can feel as comfortable as possible about the situation you have fond yourself in. the easiest way to stream your presentation freely.

IRIS Webrush. A very easy to use tool, this is the perfect software kit for safe and sound blog management. It can be used to make sure that your blog is as safe and as effective as possible, providing a gluttony of templates that keeps you looking original and professional all at once. You can also make fantastic blog layouts that are going to look great even if you lack a technical brain. The simple user interface means that you can place and plan everything that you need all from the one place, making blog management as easy as it possibly can be.

IRIS Studio. Another part of the process is the excellent IRIS Studio, a fantastic range of picture upload and storage solutions that does the job. For simple sharing and easy showing to your loved ones and colleagues, this allows you to store memories in a safe, always available location.

IPhytter. A powerful choice for managing communications easily, this is a great VoIP tool that rivals the likes of Skype for simplicity and performance. With secure and easy communication online you can begin talking to friends and family through a much more manageable call system. Also is the perfect choice for multi-call management as well as a simple and easy way to learn how to swap, merge and/or split between as many calls as you need at once. You can even use this to make sure that your message is as clear as possible thanks to the quality of connection.

IRIS Connect. An excellent tool for managing mobile content marketing, IC is a must have for anyone who uses digital platforms on a regular basis. Affiliate marketers will love this especially, allowing them to share multimedia marketing materials and also then to track responses in a real-time environment. It’s thanks to this that users can get access to a range of new content and features that will become an invaluable part of your learning, your development and your overall approach to management. As such, IRIS Connect makes changing marketing performance much simpler thanks to easy importing of contact lists for added efficiency.

Meet. Meet 3.0 is a useful tool for video conferencing that allows for everyone to get a chat in with the right kind of style. From chatting with friends to handling business connections all in one easy to use format, Meet ensures that presentations through to informal chats about anything can be made much easier to manage and be a part of. If you want to share files, manage surveys, make presentations or just have a talk about the soccer, this offers every opportunity that you could need to make those implications come to life and feel easier to manage.