Skype for Business Really Pays Off?

Skype for Business has been a widely used tool, but now you’ll see why it should change.

Skype for Business is one of the communication tools most used by businesses. It is generally chosen for being easy to use and accessible by any device and computer.

But does it make up?

The specialized free video conferencing technology makes rethinking the use of Skype for companies. If you have questions, see what you need to know before conducting your meetings in the distance.


Skype for Business: Advantages vs. drawbacks

Virtually every person who has a Microsoft Office suite, computer will have a home version of the service. But to have Skype for Business, which offers more professional features, you need to hire a plan, charged per user.


  • Online meetings in real time
  • Recording of meetings
  • Office suite applications
  • Screen sharing and internal chat


  • Participation of only 250 people in online meetings
  • Need to buy more expensive plans, such as Business Premium or Essentials, to purchase the Skype for Business service
  • Enterprise plan with more advanced features of the Office Package is more expensive
  • Hiring Office applications and services that are not always used in their entirety
  • High monthly values ​​per user
  • No specialized conference call solutions in other formats, such as audio conferencing only
  • Companies usually already have business email, so they would not use the one offered in the Office 365 suite

Skype for business may seem like a good choice at first, but it does not guarantee service to any and all demands of your business, which will be constantly changing.

Tip: Count on the free video conferencing

Unlike Skype for companies, free group video conferencing are more complete and targeted to the corporate needs of companies.

That’s because customers have:

  • Option to choose between audio, video, web conference and webcast
  • Plans per minute or unlimited with monthly values
  • Total control of online meetings
  • Training of employees and clients for practical use of the services chosen
  • Meetings for up to 2,500 people in audio conferencing