The Benefits of Aluminum Composite Materials & Sign Board to Use for Facade

Mainly for the facade cladding, among several attributes of Aluminum Composite Materials & Sign Board | Kingaluc ACP stands out its malleability condition, characteristic that gives this metal panel great ease of conformation. With the material it is possible, for example, to shape sculptural forms. While other coatings often reflect the design of the structure, in this case, the aluminum panel may itself be the language of edification.

Acronym for Aluminum Composite Material is nothing more than a “sandwich” made up of two aluminum blades with a low density polyethylene core.

This composition gives the product a better relation between weight and resistance when compared to the others available in the market for application on facades. With this you can get the most varied angles, shapes and rays.


Ideal therefore for coatings:

  • External of flat or rounded facades;
  • Composition with structural glazing;
  • Plates and totems of visual communication;
  • Coating of columns and frames;
  • Decorative element and thermoacoustic insulation in interior architecture.

The composite aluminum panel (ACM) is known as future coatings. Today, when considering its varied applications in the world, it can be said that the future has arrived. And its list of qualities is great: versatility, high degree of resistance to weight and corrosion, lightness, durability, ease of conformation, thermal conductivity.

Aluminum panels have been, more and more, an alternative that combines practicality and design. They introduced in the landscape of the big cities as an advanced concept of modernity, integrating functionality, beauty and economy.


For internal and external coatings, composite aluminum (ACM) offers the aesthetic advantages and ease of maintenance offered by aluminum. In addition to beautiful and practical, these new coatings are fully recyclable and non-combustible. Due to its versatility, aluminum flooring has been used in a wide variety of buildings: modern commercial buildings, shops, car dealerships, universities, gas stations and furniture. Among the advantages of aluminum cladding highlighted by the builders are the visual impact and durability.