3 Tips For A Perfect Rubber Stamp

A great difficulty that the stamp collectors face is to make the rubber with perfection, because it is not pleasant if you could not finish the rubber of your stamp. Despite, you have spent time and material, and not have obtained the estimated result.

Sometimes we ask ourselves why it did not work, if we follow all the steps correctly.

If you encountered any failure, today we will teach you how to make perfect Singapore rubber stamp, all with some simple and effective tips.


1- Art

Everything starts at the time of making the art, it is advisable to choose clear fonts, avoiding italics, seek to increase the contrast and decrease the brightness for logos. Adjust for maximum scale (100%) of black level, thus preventing any light source from passing through the black area. Choose the laser printers to use and it can meet your needs.

2-Exposure time

The required exposure time is directly related to the print quality and UV lamp conditions.

Some items that can influence the quality of your final stamp such as: paper weight, used software, glass cleaning, ambient temperature.

-If the stamp gets stuck (letters too low), the 1st time, there can be shortened by about 3 ~ 10 sec.

– If the letters burst (letters too high), the 1st time, there can be increased by about 3 ~ 10 sec.

– Temperatures below 15 ° C – The photopolymer can be heated before starting the process.


The last no less important tip is finalization. To have consistent rubber, it is essential to wash them with a brush with the bristles cut or a harder brush to make it firmer, dilute in water in proportion, so that it does not stick together and firm the letters and finally dry the board with a hair dryer or newspaper.

Now hopefully, you’ll never have a problem making stamps!