Richard Butler Creagh, An Aspiring Businessman

Richard Butler Creagh, a businessman in his late 50`s is a lover of outdoor sports and an aspiring figure. He is a business who is leading in his industry sector.  A consultant who has worked in the finance and real estate sector for years is trying to shape the industry with his aim. Following, we are going to see how!

Early Life

Born on January 1st, 1963, Creagh took deep interest in real estate market at the young ate of 23. He started off with research and learning different techniques of buying, selling and management of real estate. He further investigated the financial process and came up with ideas to successfully negotiate deals.


Later on, he started to make important contacts in the industry and learned the business of buying and selling property with deeper understanding. For closing each deal, he prefers to invest on the property a bit, remodel and refurbish the thing to improve its value and present himself as the property manager.

Success in Business

Richard Butler Creagh remains a major shareholder at Mainstream Management (UK) Limited. He has been with the company since 2003 and oversaw his responsibilities of a consultant.  After years of working with other companies, Creagh founded his own company in 2013.  After successful working in the industry for years, Creagh founded Henley Finance in North West London.

The company aims to facilitate people in finding a fair finance source that delivers on its promise. The company doesn’t work on department basis, we work to facilitate our clientele in every way possible.  Bridging companies claim quick loan but there are a few things people should know about.  Most companies commission their valuation, this is why you have to make sure you have versatile time frame and budget.

Assessing the viability and involved risks is a time taking process and this is where the client feels left alone.  Well-established companies take longer to process. Richard Butler Creagh looks forward to end this problem with Henley Finance.