FotoRus – Android Pic Editor App

FotoRus is an app that allows the users to create their own animated GIFs on devices that contain the iOS operating system. With it, you can create GIF animating images on your own using stretches of videos or sequence of photographs.


To get started with FotoRus, you need to capture images or videos straight from the app or get them imported on your device. To make your GIF more interesting, you’ll be able to put filters on it, like black and white, sepia, lomo and others.

Point to note here is that InstaSize-Photo Editor, an Android pic editor app has not feature to create GIF animated images, but FotoRus brings around 20 animation effects, and this gallery is constantly updated (watch for notifications to renew the app). You can also rotate and resize elements to be inserted into the GIF.

Each frame of the video (or image of the sequence) can have different effects, without prejudice to the continuity of its animation.

Add borders and make collages

Another difference of the app is the borders to be applied in the GIF. You can add different frames to separate frames. The application also supports voice commands. In addition, you can insert funds and make collages.

When you finish all edits to your GIF, the app will automatically save it to your gallery, where it will be available for future viewing or sharing. You can also send it by email, post to Tumblr, Facebook or Twitter, and export it to the iTunes photo album.

The FotoRus is ideal for those times when you see a fun excerpt from a video or imagine a sequence of images for an animated GIF and only have the mobile device at hand.

The app comes free of cost and compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad requiring iOS 4.0 or higher.