Sudoku Free Review: Interactive Android Game

Sudoku Free is a new Sudoku board game developed for android. This game was introduced a while ago and since then, it had its fair share of success. It currently holds 4.3 out of 5 starts on Google Play Store and has many pleased addicts. Following we are going to see whether the hype is true or else!



Sudoku Free is a newly released android based Sudoku game. While it shares many features with the traditional, it makes itself standout from the rest of crowd because of a few unique features.  One particular element is the clever gameplay design which accommodates player of all skill levels and engaging with them.


In traditional Sudoku games, you will need to solve a whole puzzle. Well, Sudoku Free is a bit different.  You are a looted a few pieces and you have to work your way up to the end. You will need to solve each challenge as it shows up knocking at your door.

This game offers a great player experience as it differentiates from what you call a stereotype card board. The unique interactive design and gameplay makes tit truly stand out from the rest of crowd. The perfectly built software supports this stance.


  • 3 Different Difficulty
  • Wide Sets of Level in Every Grade
  • Auto Fill
  • Stars
  • Autos save
  • Clear Notes
  • Check Errors


Sudoku Free is a fun and interactive game. The puzzles presented here are not nearly impossible to solve, but will force you to brainstorm a bit. The game comes off as a real challenge and we certainly liked this.  

The game is very well designed and strongly built. It has some great gameplay features and is an example of old school games brought to life for the tech generation of today. After everything, it’s fair to say it’s worth your time if you are into Sudoku.