Ecommerce Platforms of WordPress

Ecommerce trend is rising and there are several websites working to serve online users. If you are also having any ecommerce WordPress website, some plug-ins, are as under to help you improving efficiency of your platform.


WP e-Commerce

Available themes within this plug-in are 13 and it is available free of cost. It was the first plug-in designed for WordPress and is still most popular choice for e-Commerce business owners. A number of features are added in it to make it your super perfect choice. For the users, who want personal attention, it is the excellent option to move with.

Cart66 Lite

You can get this theme only from page. It is available with smallest number of downloads but it is worth considering option depending on your business needs. You won’t find many themes available for Cart66 but if you want to enjoy variety, you can move with it premium packages like Cart66 Pro or Cart66 Cloud. You will find a number of additional themes.


WooCommerce is exclusively designed plug-in to empower your WordPress website. Best part is, extensive customer support is offered by community forums on WooThemes. If you want premium support, you will need to buy a premium theme or plug-in. It is available free of cost and if you are dealing in simple products, you won’t need many customizations and it will serve you best.


It is predecessor to WooCommerce and is still going strong. It is having best ratings from users on It has shorter selection of WordPress themes as well as plug-ins on ThemeForest and CodeCanyon but you will find, a large number of premium themes on its website. Community support is available on; however, you need to pay $39.99 every month. Getting it for your eCommerce site will be a productive step towards success.

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