Time to Invest in Turkey

In case you are planning to invest in booming properties of Turkey, you are going to need a bunch of professionals in order to guide you through the niggling and complicated process of legal system. Even though it is on the rise, properties in Turkey are fairly economical when you compare them to other natural wonders across the Europe.


The Turkish Govt. observed a sharp increase in the growing number of foreign investors and they finally came up with a modification of property acquisition policies. Along with that line of thought, citizens and companies from 129 countries now can purchase properties in Turkey. And with the new rules, law firms are setting up their overseas offices to offer the foreign investors with better and up-to-date information.

Be that as it may, you have to find a professional solicitor or a law firm specializes in property law in Turkey. A renowned and experienced law firm like Acacia International can help you in avoiding property scams and guide you through the legal procedure of purchasing properties in Turkey. On the other hand, recruiting a professional solicitor will save from a lot of troubles and time. Solicitor will assist you in all the examinations and contracts. From documentation to sealing the deal, specialized law firms like Acacia International will take necessary and timely steps to complete the property acquisition approach.

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A set of issues need to be resolved before investing in a Turkish property on the off chance that you wasn’t to avoid scammers from top to bottom. At the outset, you need to pick a site that you fancy. Turkey offers a series of money-spinning alternatives like, industrial, residential, lately booming recreational options like Fantasy Park, Water Park and other profitable businesses like hotels and restaurants. Choose a site according to your preferences and resources.

Despite the consequences of your decisions, you need to hire a professional and specialized solicitor to deal with all the legal documentations and processing. Never move out to having conversations or deals with the real estate agents or sellers without consulting with a recognized solicitor. Finally, visit the site with solicitor, real estate agent/s, and site inspecting professionals in order to scrutinize the property. Try to gather as much information as possible regarding the site from various sources like neighborhoods, state records and other trustworthy sources.

Regardless of your intentions of investing in Turkey, first and foremost, you need the support of a strong and reputed law firm or solicitor. Only specialized law firms and legal service providers like Acacia International has the credibility to channel you through the cumbersome process of acquiring a property in Turkey.