Increase Your Potential Thanks to Neuromarketing

At our digital agency Cambridge, we know that there are multiple options to improve the commercial potential of your business. If you thought that your options run out when creating your web portal and updating your blog, you have fallen into a big mistake. In the world of marketing, we have many more resources that allow us to improve the efficiency of the actions we implement and increase the effect they have on potential customers.

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Within this context, we want to make a special mention of a discipline that is gaining weight within our sector. We refer to neuromarketing. With this name we refer to a science in charge of studying the behavior related to the purchase and consumption of products, brands and services, as well as the decision-making process associated with them.

As you may have noticed in your day to day, customers make purchases based on rational aspects, such as the real need for the product, as well as for more emotional issues, such as the pleasure generated by owning it. Therefore, knowing the operation of this process and what aspects may condition it, can provide you with very useful information to guide your sales actions. What’s more, you could even personify them based on the client’s own characteristics.

In short, we can tell you that there are three ways of applying neuromarketing to sales: through sight, hearing and the rest of the senses. Regarding the auditory component, you should know that we are all more reactive to one type of sound than to another. Finally, it should be noted that kinesthetic neuromarketing is one that allows us to play with other senses, such as the possibility of savoring a certain product or associating a brand with a certain smell. So, as you can see, almost all the big brands use it. Why not you?