12 Organic Ways To Grow Following Count On Instagram

However, it is pretty time taking task when it comes to building an audience through organic ways. But you can get the real and active followers using these ways. There are some ways that give you the desired result in less time. In this post, we will talk about the organic ways to grow your following count. Let’s dive in how to get followers on Instagram, which even you can get on instaboostgram.

How to get followers on Instagram:

You can’t leverage this biggest platform without having a large fan base. The massive following rely on the post engagement. The more you have engagement, the more you get followers on Instagram. The following ways will help you to increase your post engagement and the following count as well.

  1. On Instagram, photos are a primary content format which is also considered as the king of all content format. As we all know, Instagram is photo-sharing app, so you need to focus on which type of image you should post to get higher engagement. You ought to post clear and bright images because a high-quality photo get more likes and share.
  2. Your Instagram page should reflect the theme of your brand. Make your style pattern and try to post all images with the same style.
  3. Instagram is famous for filters. But according to a recent survey, a photo with no filter get more engagement.
  4. When you take photos, use a natural source of light because you have no need to adjust brightness. Take photo different times of the day and share it with your fans and tell them how you take this photo and what the location is etc.
  5. Track the performance of your posts with the help of Instagram analytics or another analytical tool. Check out which post performed well and why people like it. Find out the reason and plan out your next posts according to results.
  6. Use emojis effectively. Use them in your captions, bio, and comments. Check out which emoji your followers are using in the comments to give their opinions.
  7. Focus on three elements i.e. your profile photo, your profile bio and first few posts on your Instagram page. Because all these things make your first impression when the users land on your profile.
  8. Add a call to action in your captions and description of your bio. For example, if you are a restaurant, you can add CTA like call us now or order now
  9. Use profile photos with the face because people like more those photos that have faces.
  10. Use location-based hashtags with each post. By doing this, when people will search this place they can find your post and likely to visit you as well.
  11. Reply to the comments of your followers or even you can reply them via direct message.
  12. You can give your opinion on trending topic through the Instagram story and encourage your followers to leave the comments. It is a great way to get noticed and grow your audience.