How to Get Twitch Views or Followers with 5 Tips

  1. Choose the games that interest you the most

If you’re more used to playing popular titles such as League of Legends, it will be difficult to stand out in Twitch, as this website is already full of streamers in this genre of games. So it takes hard work to be able to stand out. The best recommendation is to broadcast the games you like best or others that are popular enough.

  1. Maintain the level of at least one viewer

You may already know that Twitch ranks directories based on the number of viewers. Ensure that your Twitch account always has at least one viewer – yourself. If the counter reaches 0, it will not be given a higher rating.

  1. Promote interaction with users and be authentic

Can you imagine creating deep ties with users without getting them together? This rule applies to the Twitch too. If you don’t work together with viewers, they will be ignored. Do your best by using two monitors simultaneously, where one continuously streams video content and the other displays the chat room.

  1. Conversations outside the broadcast have more value

Communicating with your viewers while streaming videos is not enough, sometimes you should promote healthy conversations outside of broadcasts. Twitter is most popular network that you can use to establish honest and healthy communications with your viewers and followers. You can create a free ‘Discord Server’ that acts as intermediaries to connect you and your viewers via voice or text chat. 

  1. Follow specific times

Professionals recommend following specific times on their channels. Do your best to consistently cast so that your followers can find your broadcasts more easily. Try hard to stream live content regularly, over time the streaming process will become more convenient and convenient.

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