Start Your Own Scalable Business Through the neiLite® Area Manger Program

New federal lighting energy efficiency requirements mean that many of the fluorescent lighting products being used in numerous commercial buildings will need to be replaced. This provides a huge opportunity for those able to provide solutions to the stores, warehouses, offices, churches, schools, and other large buildings that will need to replace thousands and thousands of fluorescent bulbs. The Nature’s Electric neiLite® Area Manager program provides an exciting way for you to help in this transition and make money in the process.

Various energy efficiency regulations enacted by the United States Department of Energy are making fluorescent lighting more difficult to obtain and maintain ( Past standards have limited the availability of standard 4 foot and 8 foot T12 bulbs, and additional standards are further restricting manufacturer’s ability to continue to produce fluorescent lighting. A solid alternative is switching to LED based tubes, which use far less energy to produce the same lighting, easily meeting the new regulations. Nature’s Electric supplies a line of LED tube lighting that not only meets the need to replace non-compliant lighting, but allows the existing fixtures to be reused with minimal wiring updates to bypass the ballast, thereby saving the facility owner potentially thousands of dollars or more in lighting upgrades.


Nature’s Electric is looking for individuals and small companies that wish to capitalize on this unique opportunity by offering neiLite® lighting solutions to their local commercial facilities by joining our Area Managers program. The area managers program allows approved partners an opportunity to purchase neiLite® products at a deep discount. This allows mangers to sell products at a profit to themselves and at a price that still beats Nature’s Electric’s direct sales price. This opportunity is also highly scalable. Nature’s Electric offers great discounts starting at only 10 bulbs, with even higher discounts for greater quantities.

The program is a win for everyone. Nature’s Electric increases volume. The Area Manger can offer lighting solutions at a discount, make money in the process, and work at a pace that is comfortable to them, while helping their neighbors. The facility is able to purchase LED lighting at a discount, save extensively by reusing their existing fixtures, save further by reducing energy usage, meet the new regulations, secure a reliable vendor, and have local help with the updating process.

How do you take part in this unique opportunity? Email us at, or visit us on the web at for more details and to sign up. Use the data button to submit your contact information and begin the approval process for becoming Nature’s Electric’s newest area manager. Use the message field to ask any comments or questions, and let us know the region you are interested in. More details on the program, requirements, and opportunities can be found under the agreement button. If you just want to ask a question, use the contact us button to send us a message.

We look forward to working with you. As an approved area manager you will be able to work locally, at your own pace, providing industry proven neiLite® LED lighting products, making money while helping your customers convert to modern, energy efficient lighting and saving them money too.