The Luxury Business in China

China is known for their low prices. Products made in China conquered the market and consolidated the Asian country as the “factory of the world”. But in the face of so much supply, many entrepreneurs of several counties have become accustomed to taking advantage of Chinese production, but have not realized that the populous country on the other side of the world can also be a great destination for exports.

There are many benefits of selling to China. The first and most obvious of these is the size of the population, which makes the country a major consumer. China is a market of more than 1 billion people.

In addition, the expert says that when exporting to China, the entrepreneur will be diversifying its portfolio of clients and ensuring their safety in crisis situations, such as a devaluation of the real. Experience of selling to the Chinese market will serve the entrepreneur as a major school on international business relations. Anyone who can get through this process will have a great learning that will help him to export to other places around the world.

There are several advantages that are sufficient to convince businessmen to start luxury business with China. But in recent years, a new economic landscape has been designed in that country, making it even more attractive for exports.

China is experiencing a process with the rise of the middle class. The Chinese have more money in their pockets and therefore consuming more. In the last 20 years, per capita income in China has increased by 12 times. In 1993, a Chinese citizen earned on average “miserable” $520 per year, while in 2013 he realized $6,800. The news comes in good time for anyone planning to enter the Chinese market.

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