Leads Generation Rather Than Only Trying to Sell Directly

A Lead is a business opportunity for the company. More specifically, Lead is someone who provided his/her contact information (name, email, phone, etc.) in exchange for an offer of value on your site (content, tool, evaluation, product / service requests, etc.).

So a Lead is someone who has already shown an interest in the subject of your business and would probably like to hear more from your company, both in terms of knowledge and product / service offerings. In the same way, it is someone who could be approached by a member of the commercial team, as long as it is the right time. The Lead lies in a traditional sales funnel, where its performance is maintained by Leads management programs offered by InfoClutch.

In other types of business the concept of Lead can take different forms e.g. a user registered in the trial version of software, someone who calls the company to look for more information, a subscriber of an ecommerce website, etc.


Why bother to generate Leads

For any given market, customers’ buying momentum is almost standard. Almost only 3% of the public is actively seeking options and wanting to buy something and about 6-7% is open to proposals.

How to reach a higher percentage of the performance and at the same time generate more credibility? Imagine a whole stadium filled with your potential customers and you have the opportunity to speak to them all for a few minutes. What would you say? Most people respond by presenting the story or the benefits of your product / service, that is, by doing direct sales. It is necessary to say something interesting for the whole crowd to continue listening.

For that reason, your blog, Twitter and Facebook, etc. should be focused on providing useful content to the customer, regardless of the time of purchase.