Check out 8 Tools to Analyze the Crypto Market

When it comes to crypto market analysis on the more than 2,000 cryptographic devices that currently exist in the market, the CoinMarketCap website (CMC) is the tool most remembered by investors.

In addition to being one of the first tools to emerge, the CMC brings complete data on the most varied indicators, from prices, trading volumes in the last 24 hours and volumes by exchanges, the site is complete.

There are a few alternative tools to the CMC to explore. Here, we’ll list eight, which you can use right now.

Messari: To analyze a volume of negotiations and more precise numbers regarding the current supply of crypto currency, Messari is the leader of this market.

Openmarketcap: This crypto data crawler uses trading volumes and prices of reliable exchanges only for the calculation of average total volume and prices.

Coinpaprika: To analyze data on trading volume, in addition to info on exchange price differences, Coinpaprika is the right place.

Blockmodo: For information about the community’s opinion on crypto projects, and how it can feed prices in market, Blockmodo is ideal.

Coinratecap: This alternative to CMC has several useful features, including a crypto price convertor linking to just about 100 exchanges.

Coingecko: Ideal for listing cryptographic at the time they are negotiable. In addition, the Coingecko has an interface similar to the CMC, which facilitates in the adaptation of use.

Coincodex: It has custom filters, including year-to-date and three-month changes. Like Coingecko, it’s also fast to show new crypto and presents a number of insightful data points. Markets: Service provided by the news site. It has good readability, its cryptoactive graphics are clean and understandable. The portal also offers cryptoactive charts as well as seven fiduciary currencies: the US dollar, the euro, the pound sterling, the yen, the Australian dollar, Kong (HKD).