Motivating Your Workforce

In the age of digitization, a lot of individuals seek motivation on the internet. Reading up on blogs, listening to podcasts, attending webinars – There are multiple ways in which one can gain information that fuels aspiration.

But one of the most trending platforms for businesses today is LinkedIn. If you scroll through this platform, there are influencers, business leaders, as well as companies that have begun sharing internal best practices online. There are so many stories of ‘celebrating people’ that indicates towards the importance of engaging your employees to ensure positive impact on business.

Having a workforce that strives for the betterment of the organization is indeed a boon. But what is even more integral, is sustaining that workforce. Yes, retention! An aspect that is directly linked with keeping the workforce happy, and motivated – Be it with regular and transparent internal communications, inviting industry veterans to conduct workshops and seminars, or even to planning a team offsite.

Here are some ways that you can implement as an organization, to ensure that your workforce continues to remain motivated.

Replenishing resources regularly

Providing opportunities for Learning and Development helps employees invest more of themselves at work. It is like giving them some food for thought to keep exploring new avenues. The key is to establish a give and take relationship, where you give the employee a new challenge to tackle, as well as the direction of how to deal with it.

Another aspect to motivate your workforce is to assign them a dedicated mentor. It keeps their aspirations soaring and gives them the assurance that the organization is looking out for them at all times.

Paying attention to appreciation

A recent study published by a recognized company on the platform of Great Places To Work claimed that 37% of people feel ‘personal recognition’ would help them work better. This leads us to a simple conclusion – Rewards are important, monetary and in-kind. But what works even better, is appreciation in public.

A good deed, a value lived, a new client acquisition, every milestone achieved, every obstacle overcome – An acknowledgement makes people realize that their good work is being noticed and they are valuable to the organization.

Involve and engage

People are an asset and must be treated with equal respect. Business decisions may be taken by the management, but when it comes to putting in place best practices, involving people is a smart decision. Seeking out opinions and feedback on existing policies in order to launch something better, helps in instilling a sense of belonging at the workplace.

One of the most tried and tested ways to engage people is CSR. Uniting people over a common cause that the organization believes in, helps align them better to the company values. It also helps enhance team bonding, outside team premises.

Personalized quality time

Interpersonal conversations hold the power to create a lasting impression. Employees often look forward to townhalls and team huddles where the get the opportunity to interact with the senior management.

However, one of the biggest motivations for any employee is when their senior leaders lend them a listening ear. Randomly scheduling a one-to-one with your people is the best remedy to make them feel pepped up. A casual “Hope everything is fine with you” can make all the difference.

With the amount of rising competition across industries, our lives at work have become like a fast racetrack. In order to ensure that the business keeps performing well, organizations have accepted that keeping the workforce engaged is mandatory. It thus becomes important to ensure that the employees enjoy their workplace and are constantly motivated to keep giving their best. Organizations are also undertaking multiple measures that help deal with stress and saturation. Thus, the onus of keeping the employees happy and motivated lies on the shoulders of the organization’s senior leaders. And each one must make efforts to achieve it.

Senior consultant Rajeev Shroff manages Cupela, a platform for Transformational Coaching and Consulting, which works with leading organizations in India.