How Bosses Can Inspire Employees

Do you work for a great boss? Do you want to become a great boss? Is there a difference between a boss, a coach or just a down to earth inspirational person that you would like to become? Maybe it is time for you to realize what bosses (or you if you are a boss) can do to Inspire Employees. Maybe this inspiration is the difference between great companies and mediocre companies.


In the motif of the “7 habits of highly successful people” here are 7 traits or actions that great bosses can do to inspire employees. Putting them in practice you will greatly enhance your outlook on life! These are to acknowledge, motivate, communicate, trust, develop, direct and partner.

An inspiring boss will acknowledge, very openly the successes of the enterprise. Make an outrageous big deal of the persistent performance of the employees and how much you appreciate their efforts. Setting high standards of performance will motivate employees to achieve these standards. However, during times of when these standards are not met, do not assign blame or single out the poor performers in public. Do not lower the standards, but rather seek ways to get back on track and encourage employee input to do so.

Communicate, communicate and then communicate. It is in this that employees will love you as you communicate your understanding of the organizations progress. Highlight the stuff that is working, and look at what is not working as a way to improve and discuss ways to learn from it and enhance the operation. Assigning blame is not communicating. Constructively communicating concerns about the impact is positive.

A great boss will trust employees to do what they were hired to do. It gives employees the latitude to be creative in their work, and at the same time creates a sense of community as they all work together. Creating a safe, positive work environment that encourages two-way communication inspires even more trust and excelling at meeting the standards of the firm.

Developing Employees for success and not failure is a key trait. Give them the tools along with training to develop their strengths to learn what motivates them.  Direct employees to feel challenged but not overwhelmed in their work! Partnering with employees to make them feel that they are part of a very great organization that has become so because of their efforts.

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