Local Search (SEO) Tips for Positioning in Local Search

Local Search is the results displayed in Google Search (SERP) where maps of the vicinity or the region searched by the user are displayed.

Why should my business appear in Local Search or Local Search?

Your business will be displayed to users who are looking for your product or services, and it’s FREE. Another important point is the position where the results are displayed, usually below the ads in the top positions.

Below is an example of searching for RESTAURANTS where the result shown is a map to the right with red dots and below the ads the locality of each:

Techniques to be well positioned in Local Search:


  1. Sign up for Google Places

Registration is quick, easy and free. Just sign in with your Google Account and confirm that you own it. Make the description as complete as possible, place url (website address), product photos, company logo, phones, use keywords in the description, etc.

  1. Cite in the content of the site the region that your company operates

In the Home of the site, show your address and phone, so you show your customers where and how to find you.

  1. Register in company guides

Google uses these references in your site database. Example: More tab, Pointer, Telegraph, State  tab and iLocal.

  1. Customer quotes or reviews

The citations or reviews are the mentions (opinions) made about your establishment, your products and services by customers, and can be accessed on your own Business Center page. The comments and reviews are of great importance to the profile of the establishment, as they add credibility to it.

Be sure to ask your customers to leave reviews on your page. You can offer some discount, bonus or freebie to the customer who created the review.



Appearing in Local Search is very important. It can increase sales and provide high quality visitors. So ensure hiring local SEO company for your local website.