9 FREE Ways to Make Money Using Angels Ad


Zig Ziglar said, “You can have anything in the world you want if you help enough other people to get what they want.” And it’s true!

Special-ReportsWorking for a paycheck is only one way to make a living. You can make a better living by working for yourself.

In this Special Report, we’re going to give you 9 FREE Ways to Make Money Using Angels Ad. Don’t quit your day job just yet. But by applying one or more of these methods diligently you’ll learn all the skills needed to make enough money so you can quit.

The key is picking a method and getting started.

All of the methods we list below involve selling. Most involve selling as opposed to SELLING. By “selling” we mean trading something of value for money. By “SELLING” we mean actually facing a prospect and convincing them to buy from you. Most people consider SELLING terrifying. You can relax. The methods listed below minimize the need for eye to eye contact.

A little about www.Angels-Ad-pbb.com: Our website offers FREE classified ads, a FREE business directory, and a FREE forum. You can become a member for FREE, too. We make our money from the advertising on our site and by using several of the methods you’re about to read about.

Money Making Method #1 Become a Bargain Hunter.

Go to Flea Markets, Garage Sales, etc. You’re looking for products that others will buy from you. This is the classic buy low-sell high situation. You will have to develop a keen eye for a bargain and an understanding of what people will be willing to pay for something.

You’re looking for “deals” that you know you can make money on by selling to someone else at a higher price. If you’re selling locally you can buy larger products: furniture, vehicles, etc. But selling online at Angels Ad means you could just as easily have a buyer halfway around the world. Which means have to consider shipping costs including boxing, packing, and transportation.

You should also factor in breakage. If you find a bargain price on delicate crystal figurines you must consider that, no matter how well they are packed, some of them may not survive. It’s nothing to worry about – just factor it into your pricing.

As you gain experience and knowledge, don’t be limited to single items. Every large city in the world has wholesale markets or unclaimed freight sales. If you can get sellable products by case lots at a dirt cheap price, go for it.

You can also buy case lots of products direct from manufacturers. Look at sites like Alibaba. They offer products in wholesale lots at incredibly low prices.

Use Classified Ads at Angels Ad to sell your bargains. You’ll be surprised at how many buyers you’ll find.

Angels Ad has a worldwide market of buyers looking for a “deal.” Give them one and you’ll be rewarded.

Money Making Method #2 Get Your Products For FREE.

Screenshot_6This one is harder because you really need to think “global.” Most people see these products as worthless but that’s not true for everyone around the world.

Our example certainly seems worthless. If you’ve ever watched a classic American western movie or TV show, you know about this product. You’ve seen it in the background rolling across the dusty street scene. Our FREE product is Tumbleweed.

The Central United States has a prairie that stretches from the North Dakota to Texas. It’s flat and often dry and windy. Tumbleweed evolved a great way to spread their seeds there: grow in a round shape and at the end of the season

just break off and let the wind blow and roll the whole plant across the countryside, scattering seeds along the way.

Residents of this area think of tumbleweeds as a nuisance because they pile up along fence lines in the fall and winter.

A Kansas woman was teaching herself how to code a website and made a sample one to sell tumbleweeds. It was a joke. No one would ever buy one.

Within a few weeks, she was getting 10-15 orders EVERY week. Prices for small soccer ball sized tumbleweeds went for $15-$20. Huge 3-4 foot sizes were going for $50 and more. Decorators would buy them and spray paint them as décor. Movie studios wanted them for part of their scenery. All she had to do to get her product was walk outside and pick them up.

What kind of “Tumbleweeds” do you have in your area? Funny looking rocks? A plant or flower that only grows near you? Open your eyes to possibilities. It doesn’t cost you anything to see if people might be interested in buying them. An ad or two on Angels Ad might be your key to a full time income.

Taste-of-HomeMoney Making Method #3 A Taste of Home.

People are a lot like tumbleweeds. They may have started out in one place but they have scattered across the world. As Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz, “There is no place like home.” Nothing evokes the feeling of home like the tastes and smells of the food you grew up with.

Italian Bomboloni By Gail [CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons]

Cater to that feeling and you’ll make money. In Malaysia, it might be Nasi Lemak (rice with coconut milk), Poland has Pierogis (potato, cheese and meat dumplings), and Nicaragua has Pio Quint (rum cake with custard).

You can make it yourself, or you can buy it from someone else and ship it. Or you can package authentic ingredients with a recipe.

Advertise your offer at Angels Ad and find those people looking for a little slice of home. We get visitors from all over the world, chances are, someone who came from your home town – or nearby.

You’ll need to figure out how to ship it across borders and keep if safe to eat until it gets to your buyer.

Money Making Method #4 Sell Products You Make.

Sell-ProductsApple makes incredible phones – but they are all exactly the same (except for color). People want the latest high-tech gadgets – but they also want things that are handmade. What can you make (or have made by local crafts people) that would excite people? Just about anything!

Pinterest is FILLED with pictures of handmade items that someone thought were cool. A quick scan turns up handmade soaps, jewelry, lace, gifts for new babies, wind chimes, greeting cards, painted rocks (?!?), holiday decorations; literally hundreds – maybe thousands – of handmade, personal crafts

Mexican Artcraft By Armineaghayan

[CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons]                 Pick one or two and start placing free ads at Angels Ad. You don’t even have to have a large inventory as long as you can

make them quickly. If something catches fire, you know what to do.

Taking great pictures is a big part of the job of selling handmade products. There are lots of tips online for just what to do.

Years ago, my mother was at a craft fair and found a wonderful troll. They were made from a piece of tree branch about 3-4 inches in diameter and 16 inches tall. They added other “found” woodland items like acorns for eyes, long dried grass for hair, etc. She gave those to everyone for years – and after our dog “killed” ours, my son and his wife (who had gotten one from my mother as a wedding gift) gave us a replacement.

While the craft is interesting and we get a lot of comments about it, it wasn’t just the troll itself that made such a hit – it was the creative description. They were protective “house trolls” and every one was different and had a name. They created a whole story to go with them. And they sold not one, but nearly a dozen to my mother who was charmed by the whole package.

Be sure you write an interesting description for your product.

Money Making Method #5 Become An Ad Agency.

BecomeIf you look through Angels Ad, you’ll find that several people have their names on lots of different ads. They’ve discovered this secret: Business Owners are strapped for time. They are so busy running their businesses that they don’t have time to work on growing their business.

If you bring them a plan to improve their business without taking up their time, they will hire you on the spot. If you

succeed in bringing in new customers, they’ll keep on paying you every month.

Angels Ad gives you several options to get your advertising agency started: 1. Posting FREE Classified Ads

  1. 2. Creating a FREE Listing in our Business Directory 3. Starting a Discussion in our Forums – for FREE!

Creating an ad won’t cost you anything – and it will run for up to 6 months. If your client runs out of the product, you can delete the ad. If the client needs to make a change, you can make those instantly too.

And remember, these ads don’t cost you a thing. The business owner doesn’t have time to manage this effort, but she’ll definitely pay you to do it.

How to make the most effective ad possible:

  1. 1. Create a great Title. The search engines are constantly crawling our site, so think about what people might put into the search engines to find your client’s Be very specific. “Car Repair” is good but “London Toyota Mechanic” is better.
  2. 2. Choose the right Category. Here’s a mistake many users are making. They think that Google will find their ad no matter where they place it so using the right category doesn’t matter. But when Google sees an ad for a tourist spot in Spain listed under the Travel USA-Northeast category, they can get a bit confused and don’t rank it as highly as if it were in the Travel Europe category. Also, an Angels Ad visitor looking for travel information on Spain won’t find the ad.
  3. 3. Use Tags. Tags are a second opportunity to grab attentio Use words you didn’t get to use in your title.
  4. 4. Write a great Description. The Title and Tags and Category help you target the right customers – now sell them. Your description should give them every reason to contact your advertise You’re not just listing a London Toyota Mechanic; you’re telling us why we need to contact him for the best Toyota service work in the whole city. Words are cheap – use them.
  5. 5. Images and Video. If a word is worth a thousand words, I would sure include a bunch of them if I wanted to sell something. Take great pictures and include several of them to get people intereste Better yet, make a short video, upload it to YouTube and put the link in that space at Angel Ads. It’s a great, free “add-on” to your advertising agency listing service that you can charge extra for.
  6. 6. Contact Details are VERY Impo People only buy things from people they trust. If they are giving you their money, they want to believe they can come to your business and deal with you face to face if there is an issue. Give them every bit of information in the contact details.
  7. 7. SEF Settings. SEF means Search Engine Fri Angels Ad gives you a chance to affect what the search engines put in your listing. Include a couple of keywords in the first box. But spend most of your time on the second box: Meta Description. This is the text that Google will use in your search

A Special Report from www.Angels-Ad-pbb.com

engine listings! You should write about 150 characters (including spaces) telling people why they should click and read your ad.

  1. 8. Membership and Promotio The top half of this section deals with your membership at Angels Ad. You’re already signed up so don’t worry about it. The bottom half is how you can increase the effectiveness of your ad. Select a Featured Ad and your ad will get extra promotion for just pennies a day. These ads are placed at the top of the category and will be featured throughout the site.

Posting in Our Free Business Directory

Getting your client’s business in front of as many people as possible should include listing it in various business directories across the web, including the free one at Angels Ad.

Including a URL for your business listing may positively affect your ranking in the search engines. (see Money Making Method #8, below.)

Posting in our Forum

Forums are an important part of the Internet and they have some very particular rules of etiquette.

Start a conversation about a topic of interest for your client’s business, but don’t make it a sales pitch. Adopt the motto: “People buy from people they like” and work at becoming someone that other forum members will like.

Create a forum profile. Your profile should include your client’s contact information on various social media, their website, and a signature that includes your client’s business information. Don’t sell – just put the info out there.

Actively making a sales pitch on a forum could get you “flamed” or harassed by other forum members. The best way to promote your client is by becoming an active member – after awhile people will ask you questions. That’s the perfect opportunity to gently promote your client.

Money Making Method #6 Sell Creative Services.

Creative-ServicesCreative skills are in high demand. That means jobs like Graphic Designers, Public Relations, Video Creators, Multimedia Producers, Industrial Designers and other related fields.

While many people with these skills are employed, many others work freelance since it means they can work from anywhere in the world. The catch for them is finding employers looking for freelancers.

Angels Ad to the rescue. Use our free classified ads to offer your services. You can post videos and images to show off

your work. You can also post in the Forums to discuss projects and expertise with others in the same fields.

Money Making Method #7 Become a Virtual Assistant.

Virtual-AssistantThe internet has brought amazing abilities for people to work from home or from anyplace they want to live. Are you thinking “tropical island” about now? Why not?

Virtual Assistants help business owners accomplish many of the administrative, creative or technical tasks required to run their businesses. That could consist of keeping their email and other communications orderly, booking appointments and schedules, receptionist duties, transcriptions, bookkeeping, and a lot more.

Basically any tasks a business owner hates to do, can’t do, or shouldn’t do, can be handled by a virtual assistant. If you have expertise in any office related skill, you could become a virtual assistant.

To get started, post a few ads on Angels Ad offering to perform your task and see what kind of response you get.

Money Making Method #8 Build Backlinks for Clients.

Money-Making-MethodBeing ranked on the first page of the search engines is of immense value to a business. Getting there is not easy. One tried and true part of the process is building “backlinks.“

Backlinks are simply links from one website to another. Think of them as “votes” in a popularity contest. The more your site has the better it’s ranking.

Place ads on Angels Ad classifieds offering to build links for a business.

And you can build your first links right here at Angels Ad, too. Start with a listing in our Business Directory – it’s free and never expires. Then build a signature in our forum with a backlink to your client and make some postings. Wrap it up by placing ads in the appropriate classified categories.

Money Making Method #9 Sell Other People’s Products.

Buying products to sell requires a little seed money. Finding businesses to pay you for advertising them or providing other services can take some time. This method can be much faster.

Selling other people’s products as an affiliate doesn’t require the initial investment in time or money. And you can easily earn 50% or more of the sale with affiliate sales.

Affiliate sales are like being an independent sales rep for one or more companies. You choose the products you want to handle, market them, and get a healthy percentage of every sale.

Special-ReportThere are a number of Affiliate Markets on the web. These markets connect companies with sales people. We’ve got a list of a couple of the top sites to get you started:

Clickbooth       ShareASale       Clickbank

Commission Junction

In many cases, affiliate markets or their advertisers ask that you have a website to publish ads for their businesses, but keep looking for offers where you can start without one.

Place free classified ads on Angels Ad and post in the forums to get started. Don’t just limit yourself to one product, though – pick an array of them and find out what works best for you.

Eventually you’ll want to build your own website(s) to put affiliate ads on. You can start with a free blog at Blogger or WordPress (among others) and grow from their. (We do suggest you spend $10-$15 per year to get your own domain name from the start.)

You can promote your site(s) with Free Classified Ads from Angels Ad and by posting in our forums!

Your Turn

You’ve read about our 9 FREE Ways to Make Money Using Angels Ad. Obviously this report covers just enough for you to get started. Everything else you can pick up along the way.

The important thing now is to get started! Pick one or two of our Money Making Methods and take the first steps toward making money with Angels Ad. Once you do, you’ll never look back.

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