FxOro Regulated Forex Brokerage

It is a brokerage firm that works in Forex market. FxOro works as performer in the middle line for those who do Forex transactions. It is the connection between potential Forex investor and broad range of trading products in market. Actually, FxOro is register with name of MCA Intelli Funds LTD, has been doing business since 2012.


FxOro has several trading benefits that it offers to their potential customers, from flexible trading transactions to security characteristics and education benefits. Here we will show you who you should choose FxOro as a right Forex brokerage platform.


Types of account available for everyone

There is not only one way of trading. Instead, there are more than one trading approaches, one can choose from that may work best. There are four types of available accounts for all customers:

  • Fixed – The minimum required deposit for this account is $250 and it takes zero commission on full margin Forex transactions.
  • Floating – The amount $1,000 is minimum deposit here and it also takes zero commission but it is 25% at stop out transaction.
  • ECN – The minimum deposit is $5,000 here. This higher deposit for this account implies that there will be $6 commission on every transaction.
  • Islamic Account – This account works according to Sharia Laws but this account needs a highest minimum deposit.

As well as the broad range of trading accounts available, the customer can operate them from any location that makes Fxoro suited to your needs. There are many online payment transfer services; you can attach to our FxOro account. One can do trading in both EUR and USD currencies.

Demo Account

An extra sound feature one can get is demo account. Mainly, you register this account. You will get a sample money (you cannot get or keep it) to apply sample trading transaction on this platform.