Emplotime – The Ultimate Time & Attendance Solution for Small Businesses

Having problem tracking your employees online? Well, you are not alone. It’s a problem with everyone wanting to keep a close eye on their employees’ performance. Emplotime is the one stop shop for all your time and attendance needs.

Emplotime is designed with modern time clock and attendance needs in mind, brining you a complete piece of mind that you deserve. With this amazing time clock system, you can track your employees’ productive hours with the utmost accuracy and reliability.

The software brings you a lot of cool and advanced features, including 24/7 support, PTO, Overtime and many more. It contains everything necessary to provide you with an all-inclusive time clock system which you can count on to boost your business performance to a great, positive extent.


Those who have already tried this and are still using say positive and good things about Emplotime. With this time clock program, you are able to see who’s in or out and can keep a check on your employees. Be it tablets, PCs or mobiles, it can be operated from any device.

Everything is super simple as anyone with little tech knowledge can understand the whole procedure. The features you can add include but are not limited to – Daily/Weekly Overtime, Buddy punch lockout, Automatic break deduction, Geolocation, PTO, Notes and more.


Here’s what the team behind Emplotime has to say about its web-based time clock system:

‘’Our Mission is to respond to the growing need and demand for a high quality time and attendance solution, and provide a simple tool to respond to the time consuming and costly process of performing employee’s time tracking. We believe in providing our clients not only with the best web based time clock, but also with the best service. Our product is, after all, tailored for them. We aspire to become a globally recognized provider of the best time tracking software.’’

It would be no wrong saying that Emplotime is the least expensive time solution available in the market, with a fixed cost of $1 USD per employee per month. So, it’s an ideal choice for small businesses wanting to have a reliable yet affordable time clock system. If you’re skeptical about trying new things, you can use their 30 day trial period to see if it works for you as well.

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