Ways to Promote Your Business Through Facebook Marketing

Undoubtedly, in the search for the reigning social media champ, Facebook will win hands down.

Nowadays, there’s no denying Facebook is still the undisputed social media platform in terms of influence, clout, and number of active users.

Taking into account all it has to offer, it’s easy to see why many businesses have integrated Facebook marketing into their overall marketing campaigns.

Regardless if you’re a big brand or a newcomer in the industry, Facebook marketing can do wonders for your brands.

For starters, below are some of the proven ways brands make use of Facebook marketing to broaden their reach, develop brand identity, promote the brand, and keep customers informed:


Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is the site’s own version of advertising.

Visible on the side columns of the Facebook’s site, these ads are also known as Marketplace Ads.

The ads include an image, a headline with copy, and a click-through link (directed to a Facebook app or page or an outside site).

Integrating Facebook ads into the marketing campaign can help not only drive website clicks but increase “likes” as well.

Facebook Contests

Running sweepstakes, contests, and other promotions is a marketing technique used to increase brand awareness as well as the number of fans.

When running a contest on Facebook, you will have to utilize a third party app. You will then direct users to the app from their respective Facebook pages.

Fortunately, there are numerous tool you can use for this objective. There are also contest apps that are offered for free albeit your options will be limited.

Facebook Promoted Posts

The Facebook Promoted Posts feature allows page owners to have their posts reach a specific number of users for a flat rate. This is done to boost the post’s impressions and reach.

In essence, the Facebook Promoted Posts will help guarantee your post has a higher chance of being seen.

Aside from appearing in the news feeds, Promoted Posts are also visible to existing fans. It even has an option to reach friends of fans.

Promoted Posts can be set up effortlessly.

You just click on the button situated beneath any of your page posts and you are good to go.

Facebook Business Page

Deemed a great marketing tool, your Facebook business page gives you the opportunity to promote your brand not just through your product services and offerings but also through shared images, posts, and links.

The customizable page will also give brands the ideal venue where they can showcase the brand’s character and personality.

And since Facebook is a social media tool, you can loosen up a bit and show the brand’s human side.

However, it will work to your advantage to not overdo anything.

In essence, narrow your posts down to whatever it is that you think your audience would like to see.

Regardless if it’s images, links, or videos, opt for ones that are relevant to your business but at the same time something that your audience will enjoy.


Facebook Sponsored Stories

This type of ad capitalizes on the whole “word of mouth” concept.

For instance, if a user observes that a few of his friends likes a certain page, chances are he’ll also be enticed to also pay attention.

The primary goal of this marketing tool is to have other users take the same action as their friends.

While a friend liking a page has the tendency to be overlooked, Sponsored Stories solves this concern by giving them preferred positioning (on the right side bar and in the newsfeeds).

In addition, Sponsored Stories is also available on mobile devices.