Create a Youth4work Profile to Get Jobs

Youth4work is a new social marketplace for both students and employees. It is a job listing and freelancer website, which can help its users, get both freelance work and/ or land a job. However, creating a profile on this network is not enough; you need to make a killer profile if you want to grab someone’s attention. To help you do so, we are giving you the following tips:


Getting Started

When you sign up with Youth4work, make sure you create the right type of profile. There is an option of being an employee or employer. If you choose the latter, you will not get any bank tests or Gateway Test Series.

Link to Your Accounts

After making the right profile, link your Youth4work profile with other accounts. Doing so will establish your online present and make it easy for the network to match your profile to relevant jobs which needs skills and experience like yours

Linking accounts can also help you to build your reputation and verify identity; this in turn increases your credibility for clients, as they need someone with bigger presence as compared to others.

Add Your Overview

Take care of your title, make it a catchy one or you will not get a chance for placement papers. Afterwards, make an eye-catching overview, as this is your chance to tell clients a bit more about yourself. In simple words, you are selling yourself in these words, so make them count.

Add Employment History

This is important because it improves both your profile and credibility. You have to mention your employment history to show your experience, past projects and qualifications. You better use bullet points and highlight your achievements with specific expertise. Make sure you add brief description about your responsibilities with a few examples of projects you completed in a each position.