A Smarter Way of Spending Your Hotel Budget

My wife is a genius when it comes to booking our vacations. For this reason I decided to let her look into an alternate lodging experience instead of the regular hotels that we are used to booking when we take our yearly company retreat. This year it was in Orlando at the convention center. Normally we book the Ritz Carlton or the J.W. and although it’s always an amazing experience, it does get costly and I usually have to leave the family behind. This year, my wife found a company called Better Business Lodging during her extensive search. She spoke with a gentleman called Patrick or Paul, I believe, who was extremely helpful in the entire process. Long story short, the company was able to help us get 9 different one bedroom units in The Fountains Resort in Orlando for almost half of what we normally spend. Some of us, including me brought down our wives and kids too. It was like a business trip and vacation all in one. Orlando has grown so much in the past few years its incredible. Next time you are considering traveling on business I highly recommend this company that can be found at www.betterbusinesslodging.com.

I would recommend making a few different offers since not everyone got back to us right away but with a little patience came lots of savings so it was definitely worth it!