Startups Coach fosters Entrepreneurship in Young Professionals

Ms. Hetal Shah

Boston based Startups Coach, Ms. Hetal Shah, fosters entrepreneurship in young professionals in the United States.  Universities and Incubators offer support to early-stage startups, but the customized and detailed advice that Ms. Hetal Shah offers, is unparalleled.  Hetal is an immigrant from Mumbai, and has been living in the Boston area for decades.  She has a degree in engineering.  She has authored three business books, and has a blog called Startups Coach.

What made you become a Startups Coach?

I was the Founder and CEO of a startup many years ago.  I wanted to become very rich.  My startup reached some milestones, but shut down because of lack of funding.  I had unique and valuable skills.  I decided to offer Startups Coaching Services – 3 Zoom sessions with a startup for $300.

What are your recent successes?

My third book, Guide to Profitability, is available of Amazon.  The video book trailer of my three business books is available on YouTube.  My Meetup group, “Entrepreneurship Connection” has over 1,000 members.

What are your near-term goals?

I want to get a small Insurance or Accounting firm to sponsor my meetup group, “Entrepreneurship Connection” in Boston.  I want to get some more startups coaching clients.  I am looking for a Contracts lawyer.  I want give some public speeches on startups topics.  I want to become an Advisor to a couple of startups.

What problems or needs do you have these days?

I feel the need to do more friendship dealings and business dealings these days.  My problem is that I have not been receiving enough appointment invitations.  I can discuss via email, telephone, Zoom, and at restaurants in Boston without any problems.

What characteristics do startup founders need?

The characteristics that startup founders need are:  mental capabilities, optimism, risk tolerance, perseverance, creativity, leadership and execution skills.

What do you discuss during the startups coaching Zoom sessions?

The startups coaching Zoom sessions involve discussing their product, team, market, and the milestones they need to reach to get funding.  These sessions are for early-stage startups.  I have many professional contacts, and I have good presentation skills.  They would learn if they discuss with me.

How can suitable professionals contact you?

Suitable professionals can email me at  My blog has a little bit of information for them to get started.