Top World Environment Day Theme 2016

The general world environment day theme 2016 is to secure the environment from the pollution. There are numerous types of environmental pollution exist in the world. The use of the modern technology is the major reason behind the environmental issues. Using machines, vehicles, loud music, horns, burning fuels and the noise of the machine or vehicle are the common factors to pollute the atmosphere.

The world environment day theme 2016:

If you are going to celebrate this event on 5th June this year then theme of the day is to prevent the atmosphere from being spoiled. The major concern is to promote the use of natural ways instead of using the technology for reducing the global warming. It is very dangerous for the human being that the burning gasses are risky to inhale. It causes the lungs and other respiration disorders. These gasses and the other explosives tear or create a patch in the ozone layer.


Promote Gardening:

If you are going to celebrate this event then you can have the world environment day theme 2016 is to promote gardening. It is highly beneficial for the human life to reduce the risk of polluted environment because the plants and the trees are the real source to raise the beauty of the place as well as to reduce the pollution in the world. The other benefits of the planting or the having the garden at home are given below.

  1. A small garden in the home is the small effort to promote the ratio of plants in the earth.
  2. Plants are the real source to develop the oxygen in the air. It is the essential element for the life of not only human but all living things.
  3. Offering habitat to other animals and birds plants are very important for the life.
  4. Reducing the global warming these are important for the safe and secure life on the earth.
  5. Plants provide you security to live in the clean and clear environment.
  6. The implementation of this factor of making a small garden in the home is assistance in resolving the issues very easily related to the polluted atmosphere.

The waste of the factories in form of the chemical water is the real source of it. On the other hand it is the reason to raise the global warming that causes many other issues for the life of human and other creatures.