G3C Technologies Corporation Employs an All-New Conversion Technology to Recycle End-of-Life Tires

G3C Technologies Corporation is a waste recycling project aimed at giving a new life to end-of-life tires. They use a triple-green conversion technology that causes less environmental damage and pollution.  You can support and invest in their cause by supporting their crowdfunding campaign on Start Engine. What makes them stand apart from the rest is that their G3C process doesn’t produce any hazardous waste discharge or air pollution.

Advertised with phrases like ‘’We Give New Life to Old Tires’’, the G³C Technologies Corporation has developed an all-new thermolysis and refining process that converts mixed end of life tires into gas, oil and high-quality reprocessed carbon black that is less dangerous for the environment. Carbon char created by the G3C process is refined to higher structure and greater surface area to keep its ash content low. This technology will certainly open up new opportunities to save our planet and reduce air pollution.

They have made a good progress in converting old tires into best quality rCB for both tire tread and carcass. No other technologies available in the market have the potential to reach such levels of excellence.  The majority of competitors are only capable of producing substandard rCBs, which are suitable for tire carcass only. Here’s what the team at G3C Technologies Corporation says about its technology and services:

‘’The most important technical advantage and distinguishing feature of the G³C technology is its ability to preset and control the grade of the rCB produced by changing process parameters via the process control system. Certified test reports demonstrate that the key properties (i.e., surface area and structure) of rCB produced by the G³C process meets or surpasses those of the most commonly used high-grade virgin carbon black (i.e., material to make brand new tires) and far exceeds those of rCB produced by other scrap tire conversion technologies.’’

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