Gyrotonic Training Method: What is it and How Can You Benefit from it?

Let’s take into account some of the possible movements you do on a day to day basis—unloading the groceries from your car, bending over to tie your shoes, or reaching for that peanut butter jar on the top shelf.

What’s the point you ask? You may not be aware of it but majority of the functional movements you engage in on a daily basis entail movements along more than just a single plane. In most cases, it involves level changes and rotation.

While the stair climber and rowing machine allows you to move your body along an axis, it does not incorporate the rotation and level changes that will come in handy as you go about your day to day routine.

Fortunately, there’s Gyrotonic.

What is Gyrotonic and what’s in it for you? Read on and find out.


What is Gyrotonic?

In essence, Gyrotonic is a unique exercise system that integrates movement principles taken from t’ai chi, swimming, yoga, gymnastics, and dance.

Central to Gyrotonic is the GXS or the Gyrotonic Expansion System. It is a specially designed wooden machine equipped with weighted pulleys and rotational discs.

Its bespoke design allows the user to perform circular and flowing movements designed to strengthen the muscles.

What are the many benefits of the Gyrotonic training method?

  • Helps remove junk from the body

Gyrotonic motions such as moving from the core, curling, arching, and spiraling can help prevent stagnation by helping promote the removal of lymph fluids and waste.

Another benefit you can’t afford to pass out on is increased coordination. Since your major muscle groups work interdependently as well as together, overtime, this will lead to a more efficient muscle recruitment as well as improved coordination.

  • Effectively helps improve posture

Regular Gyrotonic sessions can help counter “computer back” and dramatically improve your posture (it even makes you look taller!) by lengthening the spine. It also takes the pressure off your lower back by strengthening your core alongside your sternum.

Many sports medics believe having a more elegant and upright posture can also be achieved through Gyrotonic. Since the supportive muscles are stretched and strengthened regularly, an elegant posture is easily achieved.

  • Helps in efficiently sculpting long and lean muscles

The emphasis placed on expanding and extending will help develop long and leaner muscles. In addition, it can also help strengthen those deep abdominal muscles found in the waistline. That means you can whittle down your waist, tone your midsection, improve your posture, and eliminate bloating all at the same time.


Also, since the spine has the freedom to move in all directions when doing Gyrotonic movements, you will experience improved back suppleness.

  • It helps dramatically improve your focus

Gyrotonic movements have been designed to do more than just engage the entire body. It has also been created with enhancing and improving focus in mind. In other words, it helps you stay in the moment.

When you coordinate breath with movement, you can’t help but stay in the moment and remain focused. That means during the duration of your session, you won’t be thinking about the work deadlines you have to meet, the bills you have to pay, or anything else that might cause you stress. At the end of the session, you will end up feeling refreshed and relaxed and ready to tackle whatever it is that comes your way.

For many, Gyrotonic is the consummate system of exercise—it helps you stay focused, it helps you sculpt your muscles, and it dramatically improves your posture among others. Taking all it has to offer in mind, it is no doubt wise to make Gyrotonic an integral part of your exercise routine.