Measures to Avoid Mobile Phone Bill Shock

With the increasing popularization of smartphones and tablet PCs, the mobile data service has gradually integrated into the daily lives of people, making work and living easier for the population. According to the information, the use of local mobile data increased by 32TB in 2008 to 2,583TB in 2012, which means that the mobile data service has developed at an accelerated pace in recent years. However, when using the mobile data service, some citizens have doubts about the definition of the scope of the related service and the calculation of data usage. Typically, there include for example, website navigation, receiving and sending e-mail, accessing the social website, using instant messaging and certain mobile applications (Apps) such as weather, stock information, popular music, etc.


In order to make better use of the mobile data service, and to avoid mobile phone bill shock from the telecommunications service, users should be familiar with their own mobile phone and the settings of their applicable mobile or software, and disable the update function and automatic synchronization according to your needs. When using WiFi for Internet access, they should also take into account the deactivation of the mobile data service access function. Prevent the mobile from automatically switching from WiFi to the mobile telecommunications network due to the weak signal from the WiFi, causing the use of the mobile data service. In addition, if it is not necessary to use the mobile data service, you can request the operator to suspend the provision of the service.

The measures for the protection of the local mobile data service include the maximum collection limit, progressive charging, consultation of data usage by the user, time-of-use charging plan, etc., while measures to protect the mobile service including the notice of use, billing notice, service termination function by the user, etc. For detailed information, you can consult the operators.