Do You Want To Know How To Sell Sexy Dresses in Wholesale? Read This Now!


Some of the most popular garments to sell today are sexy dresses. Available in a huge variety of designs, styles and fabrics, sexy dresses are a hot item that every woman wants in her wardrobe. In addition to that, every woman has to have a few sexy dresses in their wardrobe, not just one. Thus, they are a hot commodity to have. This is great news for wholesalers of these special garments for the ladies. You are almost guaranteed that any bundles of sexy dresses which you invest in are going to sell out in a matter of days. To keep the rate of sale high, here are some tips about how to sell wholesale sexy dresses.
Perform some niche marketing

There are different kinds of sexy dresses. These are categorized according to style, size and fabrics. Examples of types include silk, plus-size, vintage or urban sexy dresses. Each of these types has a particular fan base. Therefore, you can perform niche marketing where you promote a specific type of dresses to retailers who deal in that particular style. This requires that you perform enough research so as to know what each retailer likes. After that, you can promote their unique preference of dresses to them and eventually make sales.

Market your wares at tradeshows and style shows 

There are particular locations where retailers will congregate so as to learn about the latest merchandise in the market. You can promote your wholesale sexy dresses at these locations. Examples of these are trade shows, fashion shows and style expos. These locations only admit qualified retailers. Therefore, you can be sure that the audience is made up of retailers who have the capability and enthusiasm to buy your women’s dresses from you regularly.

Come up with distribution networks

One of the most important thing to develop when you are selling your merchandise on a wholesale basis is the distribution network. Your network can be made of the retailers who you are serving. Creating this network allows you to spread the footprint of your products. It also establishes a sales force that works for them. You can create a distribution system that has multiple tiers. Your most reliable retailers can be in the top tier. Moreover, you can offer discounts to your most loyal retailers too. This provides them with an incentive to buy from you.


Do some research to find out the current trends

One of the most dynamic sectors is the fashion industry. Its trends change so fast according what is considered popular. Therefore, you need to perform some research and find out what the retailers are most likely to buy. After that, you can provide it. Always be ready to change from one trend to another very swiftly. This means dealing with changes in the orders, requests for more than was initially required and cancellation of orders.


providing wholesale sexy dresses is a vibrant enterprise. Your merchandise goes to satisfy the style needs of hundreds of women through your retailers. The tips above can help you establish a successful wholesale business.