Web Daytona – The Single Source for All Your Digital Marketing Needs in Orlando

If you are a business that exists in the late 2010s, it would be hard to imagine you’ve never heard of digital marketing.


Or social media management, to a certain extent. These are services that businesses from within your industry (and without) have been using to streamline the way they do business for years now. They are robust, cutting-edge, and user-targeted marketing techniques that get results in ways you’ve never even imagine before.

And they all exist as parts dangling under the same umbrella. For instance, an Orlando digital marketing agency will use a combination of interconnected maneuvers to improve the way their client operates, online.

But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. First, where are our manners? We’ve still got introductions to make.

Web Daytona: A Better Orlando Digital Marketing Agency

Web Daytona is a full-service digital marketing agency operating in the Volusia and Orange County, Florida. Established in 2008, we’ve grown into a multi-departmental production and marketing service, with an extensive client list and a reviews page so bright, you have to squint to look at it.

From search engine optimization and PPC work to logo design, video production and website design, we are the ship that carries you out into the sea of Internet marketing.

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is the process a website owner goes through in order to get their website to rank on search engine ranking pages.

What does that mean to the man on the street? Having your shoe repair business in Orlando come up on the first page of Google when someone searches “Shoe repair in Orlando”. Getting your apple jam featured at the top of the results page for “delicious Orlando condiments”.

Higher rankings on SERPs like these have a measurable effect on the business you bring in from your future clients.

  • On-site Optimization: We edit and rework your site so that it interacts more effectively with search engines, making them more likely to rank in search engines.
  • Off-Site Link Building: Our link-building campaigns work hard to add authenticity and a sense of credibility to your site, by connecting you outwardly with strategic sites.
  • Local Search Optimization: Geographic location has become extremely important in contemporary SEO, bringing in results based on how close users are to you when they search for your service.
  • Content Creation: Fresh, engaging content that tackles relevant issues makes your website more valuable to users. This makes it more valuable to search engines, making it extremely important to developing your online marketing.

And PPC?

Pay-per-click advertising is another extremely important part of digital marketing. Search engines like Google offer companies opportunities to purchase “screen time” in search engine results. They are positioned in specially demarcated paid sections of the search results.

And they get results. Businesses who make use of PPC marketing enjoy heightened visibility, putting them in the same category as some of the heaviest hitters in their industries.

And the best part? By its very nature, “pay-per-click” means the company who uses this kind of marketing only pays for the service insofar as the PPC link is clicked on. Each click costs, but each link has the potential to convert, making them well worth the investment.

Orlando Digital Marketing Agency Services From Web Daytona

With so much rich business and such an extensive playground in which to drum it up, the Internet is unquestionably the most important place to focus your marketing efforts.

And the secret to effective Internet marketing? Choosing a professional marketing service, like those from Orlando digital marketing agency, Web Daytona.