How to Establish a Reputable eBay Account

If you’re waiting to start selling on eBay and you think you’re going to create a fortune from day one, I’ve got an alert for you.


After initial eBay store setup, new sellers generally earn less, also when they sell exactly the same products. eBay buyers rely heavily on sellers who have been buying products for some time and are considered trusted buyers as well.

The feedback rating you get as a new seller is provided by the customers, after the sales. Ratings are generally only, neutral negative or positive. eBay later added the “Detailed Seller Ratings”. Buyers can now rank particular areas that seller use well. Buyers are also ranked by sellers in terms of how fast they pay and how well they communicate.

Here are a few tips to increase the feedback ratings as fast as possible, in case, you’re only starting to sell the products on eBay:

  • Start selling lots of small, cheap things fast. It will allow you to accumulate many positive comments in a short time. People frequently start selling old items from all over the house. Selling your old toys can be worth a big sum of money – if you have good plan to sell them. 
  • Don’t wait over 1 to 2 days for shipping a product you’ve sold.
  • Carefully pack products you have sold with the purpose of delivering at the location of seller in mint condition.
  • If buyers send you a message on eBay, it is essential to respond quickly.
  • Always take transport insurance. This is very cheap and if any product is broken in transportation you may make refund and not lose profit.
  • If any buyer is not happy with a product (if they claim it smells or is in bad condition), don’t argue. Just offer the refund. Demand to get the product back. It filters the scammers.